Constructed objects with an area of 1,000 m2 to 150,000 m2 in CIS and EU countries.

BF Engineering

  • Design and construction of complete buildings of any area and purpose in industrial environment
  • at modern robotized facilities with the use of advanced technologies
  • with the use of advanced technologies
  • to reduce operating costs
  • and to optimize the payback period of the building.
  • We provide quality confirmed by the European certificates ISO 9001:2008, EN 1090
Additional services:
  • Redesign of existing structures to optimize object costs

  • Adaptation of foreign projects and consulting

  • General contracting, construction and assembly works, contract supervision

Manufacturing base

High-performance robotic equipment.


Even using the most advanced technologies we are not always able to improve the weight of any object. That is why designers and manufacturers working with the same technology usually coordinate with the Customer the cost per ton of a structure rather than the cost of the entire building. The higher the building weight, the more they earn, just as the transportation and construction companies. In addition to the above mentioned direct costs, excessive weight for the Customer also means the increase in the cost of footing and ground works.

The uniqueness of BF Engineering is that it applies the high-performance robotized European equipment with several most advanced technologies intended to  to reduce the original cost of any building and to increase its operating characteristics (including energy savings):

  • by reducing the weight of frame, walls and roofing of a building

  • by improving building transportability

  • by accelerating building design and manufacturing processes

  • by weight saving and accelerating transportation and building installation


With BF Engineering you can coordinate the cost per square meter of a building rather than the cost per ton of metal!

BF Engineering will reduce the payback period for your facility and increase its operating characteristics!

BF Engineering technologies

Our technologies are intended to  reduce the original cost of any building and to increase its operating characteristics, including energy savings.

SIN beam


Variable cross-section beam


Roll-formed sections


Tube structures


Welded beam


Sandwich Panels