Modelling in three dimensional space is performed using BOCAD and TEKLA software packages.

BF Engineering specialists realize projects at phases of architectural solutions, reinforced-concrete structures drawings, working documentation and detailed working documentation development, and adapt foreign projects to Ukrainian requirements. Working together with BF Engineering allows you to minimize drafting time.

Projects realized by BF Engineering include industrial buildings (plants, factories), agricultural buildings (poultry plants, cow sheds, pig farms, poultry houses, etc.), agrarian buildings (vegetable and fruit storages), logistic centres, station buildings, shopping and leisure centres, etc.

Examples of projects

The complex breeding birds
Вид 1
Вид 2
Complex for growing pigs
Вид 3
Вид 4
Logistics and warehouses
Вид 5
Вид 6
Вид 7
Вид 8 (1)
Projects in which the combined use of reinforced concrete columns and steel
Вид 9
Вид 10
Вид 11