In a highly competitive environment of the construction market, only companies that use new approaches to building construction will have leading positions. Every construction company must strongly observe the time of construction and use quality materials.


Our company offers you a revolutionary solution – SIN beam.


SIN beam (corrugated beam) is a lightweight corrugated I-beam which is a type of I-beam with corrugated wall made of steel up to 3 mm thick.

SIN beam is manufactured on robotized line by “ZEMAN BAUELEMENTE Produktionsgesellschaft mbH.” (Austria) that provides cheap and fast (outlet speed of finished product is about 1 m/min) production of SIN beams 0.3 to 1.5 m high, including SIN beams with variable cross sections (with productivity rate of up to 14,000 tons of beams per year).

The line introduction to the construction process allows to:

  • achieve capital investment minimization by means of 40 % reduction of steel intensity of building structures
  • reduce operating and transportation costs
  • achieve design time unachievable for our competitors
  • reduce installation period by the use of bolted joints and absence of welding works

Due to their light weight, SIN beams can cover spans up to 45 m wide.


The use of profiled sheet walls increases beam hardness (without additional ribs) and prevents loss of local wall stability if flange steel plastic limit is achieved.

Welded I-beams with wave-shaped (corrugated) walls can be used almost without any limitation as bending beams (roofing and flooring beams , framework beams) and also as components influenced by normal forces (columns, jamb studs).

Corrugated decks are manufactured according to the standard ТУ У В.2.6-28.1-35512066-001:2010.

Corrugated decks are applied for manufacturing of metal structures for which rolled or I-beam profiles with structure height of over 450 mm and trusses of up to 1,800 mm height are used.

Original appearance of a SIN beam makes it a typical design component that underlines architectural expression of a building.

Technical Catalogue — SIN-Beams
  • Side flange width from 120 mm to 450 mm
  • Side flange thickness from 6 mm to 30 mm
  • Middle flange height from 333 mm to 1500 mm
  • Middle flange thickness from 2 mm to 3 mm
  • Maximal beam length 16 000 mm