Corrugated deck (metal corrugated sheet) is a steel cold-bent sheet section with trapezoid-shape corrugation. Corrugated deck can be mounted horizontally or vertically and used for both internal and external decoration of buildings, structures, fencing, allows construction of roofing, walling and fencing with almost any complex geometry. This material is widely used as a roof covering for residential and non-residential buildings, as well as in construction of storages, docks, warehouses, stalls, workshops, etc.

Corrugated deck is an environmentally friendly material. Improved coating formulation secures corrugated deck from harmful atmospheric influence and will maintain its colour for a dozens of years. One of the advantages of corrugated deck as a facade and roofing material is its long lifetime (up to 50 years). The variety of colours allows selection of the optimal one when decorating any object, starting from the construction of new buildings and structures up to the reconstruction and modernization of structures which seem to be outdated.

High mechanical strength, reliability in service, corrosion resistance, quick and easy installation to the frames made of different materials, transportability. Corrugated deck is a covering which is the best choice to create uniform mounting base of roofing and interfloor overlapping in industrial construction, of so called packaged modular buildings. Such buildings are very popular in Western Europe. The majority of docks, parkings, airports, seaports, storages, shopping centres are made of corrugated decks which replace concrete panels.

Resistance to weather conditions and atmospheric influence, long service life, light weight, ease of installation and absence of maintenance costs make the corrugated deck a perfect material for almost any type of construction and finishing.

Corrugated deck is manufactured on automatic lines. Corrugated deck is manufactured from galvanized metal and from polymer-coated (polyester) metal 1.5 mm thick. Coating colours correspond to RAL. Line maintenance staff was trained by the equipment supplier.