Frame profiles of different shapes (U, C, Z, ∑) become a new essential technology in modern building construction.


Our company has a modern Austrian manufacturing line for bent panelsmanufacturing . This is a continuous line with floating knives and a unit for punching holes in profile walls and flanges. Line speed is up to 30 linear meters of profile per minute. Profile range depends on wall height, flange width and metal thickness.

  • Construction of production, storage or residential buildings up to three floors
  • Construction of shopping facilities and service appointment objects
  • Reconstruction of superstructures, attics, outbuildings. In this case profiles are used as secondary piles for easy weight construction of roofs and walls, for building insulation – outside part of walls, for attachment and retaining the heat insulating material. Frame building profiles are attached with screws or bolts using mounting angels.
  • C-profiles are used as pillars, columns, floors, rafters, truss elements while construction and reconstruction of various purpose buildings.
  • ∑- profiles have wide range of application like sheathing under the roof and wall materials, connection in steel frames, the main element in the device greenhouses or perfect replacement ruby in fence posts and girders.
  • U-profiles are used as C-profile guide and can be used separately while constructing small buildings.
  • Z-profiles are perfect for runs on pitched roofs due to its shapes. Its use can replace dual C-profile and reduce quantity of meatal runs twice either.
  • Light weight of roll-formed sections helps to decrease total weight of metal structures. Installation is fast and easy due to measurement accuracy. Work can successfully carried out in winter time.

Profiles are made of rolled galvanized steel 1,5 up to 4.0 mm in thick. Total weight of zinc on two surfaces of roll-formed steel coils provides corrosion resistance up to 15 years. The length of the profiles are produced under preorder only.


Purposes of roll-formed sections are:

  • Low metal construction
  • Extensive seasonal border construction
  • Easy installation — profile is made on the machine , which cuts the desired hole diameter
  • Low labor intensity, which significantly reduces construction time
  • The ability to use a variety of architectural decisions
  • A wide range of frame profiles, allowing to solve a variety of tasks
  • High-quality raw materials
  • High corrosion resistance due to galvanizing
  • Durability , strength and seismic stability of buildings
P01_Purlin Profiles

U Profile